Welcome to The Periwinkle Embroidery Studio, this is where I gently create beautiful things, using ancient stitches in a modern way.  Here you will read about daily meanderings that I take as the owner and designer at Periwinkle studio.

The studio is based on the Isle of Wight, from where a great deal of my inspiration comes from.  In the Winter it can be harsh and windswept, in the Summer it can be warm and balmy. The rolling downs are in sharp contrast to the rugged coastline of the West Wight, tall chalk and sandstone cliffs give way to the sea and beaches below. Kids and dogs rake about in the sand and the shingle whilst the sea wends its way in and out on a constant cycle with the moon and time.

I have my trusty Bernina Sewing Machine and Janome Embellishing Machine as my brushes and the threads and fibers are my paints. I am a spinner and sometime weaver, a very bad knitter and not so bad crocheter!!  My first love is stitch and I am sure it will be my passion for the rest of my life!  Rarely is there a day when I am not taken into the rhythm of laying stitches onto a piece of cloth.

I spent 20 years living in the suburbs of London, living to work and not having much time for anything and then fate took the upper hand and I realised that time was not endless and I needed to take control of my life. In so doing the whole family decided that we needed to move and change!!

Change lead us back to my childhood home, the Isle of Wight.  I then found myself teaching workshops, exhibiting and selling work through Open Studio events and giving talks to local and mainland groups.

Open Studios introduced me to lots of other like minded creatives who live and work out of little studios all over the island.  In knowing them my work has improved, as has my confidence and willingness to open my doors and art to anyone who is interested.

So come on in, make yourself a cupper and enjoy the ups and downs of life at Periwinkle Studio.

periwinkle studio 1


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