Sunday Guest Blog Post: Clare-Louise Sandell

Welcome to my Sunday Guest Artist Blog Spot., this week I would like to introduce you to a wonderful friend and glass artist, Clare-Louise.  I met Clare-Louise when she came to one of my very first embroidery workshops a little over 2 years ago.  Now she has her own studio and has started to produce some stunning art work in glass.

clare 7

Clare- Louise writes:

Hi, I am a nurse by profession (and is still my ‘day job’)  but have always been interested in arts and crafts since I was small. I was raised in a household surrounded by colour and creativity as my mother taught patchwork and quilting, and my artistic nature was cultivated then. In 1992 I moved to the Island where I met my husband and settled down. It was about ten years ago that I signed up for a glass making fused glass pendants and cabochons…..I was hooked. I love the bright colours of the glass and they way it could be transformed and shaped in the kiln.

clare 1
Glass Blank

Once the bug was caught I bought a kiln and transformed the garden shed to a mini studio and my creativity began. There have been many ‘mishaps’ as well as successes in the kiln, but each one provides its own unique learning experience.

clare 2
Glass Blank after heating

I have been lucky to undertake several courses with Warm Glass, in Bristol, where I have progressed from small flat pendants onto larger deep formed vessels. As my knowledge of how the glass ‘behaves’ in the kiln my work is expanding and developing both in complexity and design.

Vessel removed from glass blank
Vessel removed from glass blank

As the design for the finished object becomes more challenging, so the number of processes used increases. The photos describe the stages used in creating a ‘dropped’ vessel. 

This is when the glass blank is placed on a supported ring and heated until it drops through the ring.

As it drops through the ring, it then creates a lovely vessel that has stretch the colours in the glass blank.

Finished vessel with the stretched glass blank pattern
Finished Vessel

I have noticed as my skills in the kiln progress I am looking more to my surroundings for inspiration and design ideas. The progression to transferring design ideas to three dimensional objects where the design will emerge from the inside out, and upside down.

I have now outgrown my garden shed and have moved into a bigger studio, just hoping for a bigger kiln!!!

Thank you Clare-Louise, your work is beautiful and thank you for an insight into what you do.

Look out for an extra guest spot blog from a lovely silver smith who will be exhibiting and selling work at the Christmas Art Fair at Shalfleet Church and Church Hall.  Please check out my diary page for full details.


One thought on “Sunday Guest Blog Post: Clare-Louise Sandell

  1. Clare that is wonderful!! I’m so glad you are nourishing the artist in you and that you found your “thing”. I love your never ending enthusiasm for anything creative! I’m still treasuring the lovely piece of glass plate you made for me (in my favorite colours! ) and waiting for the kids to grow older for it to be safe to be on display!


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