Christmas is Coming………..

Hello everyone.

I am sitting under a sunshade soaking up a little Sunshine on a late summer holiday in Malta.  It is beautiful here the see is turquoise and crystal clear and you can see orange and yellow coral growing against the rocks just by looking into the water.  Whilst it is really warm during the day, the early morning and evenings are nippy, so even here Autumn has arrived and with it comes thoughts of Christmas.

So as my mind turned to Christmas I have created a lovely single or two day workshop for you.

Couched Christmas Tree

Couched Christmas Tree
Couched Christmas Tree

This is a slowly paced class that will get you into the Festive spirit as you use the beautiful, simplicity of couched needlework to create a lovely Christmas Tree.  You could mount it in a frame after your workshop, or appliqué it onto some backing fabric and use it as a festive wall hanging.

The question is, will it become your heirloom or a gift to a friend or relative so that it can become theirs?

Snow Flake and Beading detail

This work is deceptively simple and once you find your rhythm your tree will slowly come to life.

I have used sparkly fingering weight crochet yarn.  It is thick enought to make a great Couching thread, but not so thick as to spoil the curlicues at the end of the branches or the crystal detail of the snow flakes.

copper Fingering Weight Crochet Thread
Metallic Fingering Weight Crochet Yarn

I also like to use a metallic thread made by Madeira to “couch” my thread to the linen. In most cases you can find one that matches and so disappears giving the impression that the thread is floating over the fabric.  But this is not essential and if you would prefer to see the thread you are Couching with, you can of course choose something else.

My beads are from a necklace I found in a second hand shop. An Aladdin’s cave of sparkling lovelies for me.  If you decide to enrole you will receive a printed outline, the same size as the piece you will stitch.  You should use this as a guide to help you decide what size bead or beads you are going to use.

Needle Woven Basket detail
Needle Woven Basket detail

The final detail on this lovely piece is the woven basket the tree is planted in.  I have used some stunning Steff Francis hand dyed silk and some of the fingering weight crochet thread.  It finishes it off beautifully and actually might even be my favourite part of the piece.

I have really enjoyed creating this piece and think that it will look great in anyone’s home over the festive period, in fact it might even be a shame to put it away!

if you are interested in signing up for this lovely workshop, you may do so as either a one day or a two day student.  If you choose a one day session, it is unlikely that you will complete the piece in class.  However, you will have been shown all of the techniques and be more that able to complete it at home.

Please go over to my events page here to secure your place, they fill quickly so book early to avoid being disappointed:

My my single day workshop is being held at Taj Crafts on Saturday 17th October

My two day workshop is being held at Camphill Sports and Community Club on Sat 28th and Sun 29th November.


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