Alison Peters

Welcome to the second of what I hope to be a regular spot on my blog. Today I would like to introduce you to the wonderful Alison Peters whom I met at this years Isle of Wight Open Studio event.  Her work is just amazing and I am hoping very much that I can learn some of the skills she has, to use in my own work.

She writes:

I have always been creative, from being a small child I wanted to make stuff, and I suppose it was obvious that art is what I would end up doing. I studied art through to degree level, graduating from Herefordshire College of Art and Design in 2006 with a 2:1 in Design Crafts.

It hasn’t been plain sailing, at times I have considered being creative a curse, wishing I was more like others my age and embarking on a ‘proper career’, one that pays the bills and has a clear career path, a pension and other benefits. Heck, I even wonder now if I should go and get a proper job and stop playing at being an artist, but there are times when it does seem worthwhile, when everything just slots into place, when I make something and am actually proud of myself.

Winning piece “Glimpses of Scotland” by Alison Peters

The turning point for me was winning the ICHF Madeira Embroidery Competition earlier this year, which gave me the boost to go and have a proper go at making it as an artist. I entered last year and was commended, that wasn’t good enough for me, and I had to win it. The subject was ‘Glimpses of Scotland’ shown on the right.  To find out how I made my winning piece for the ‘Glimpses of Scotland’ competition, have a look at my blog, in which I show progress photographs as the piece was made.

“Seagull” A workshop being taught by Alison in September 

So what next? Well, I’m the kind of person who needs something to work towards; after taking part in Open Studios I inquired into British Trade Craft Fair, a big event in Harrogate. I sent off a speculative application with a few photos. Later that day I had a phone call, discussed a few things and that’s it, in April 2016 I will be taking part in the British Trade Craft Fair.

Any notions of going and getting a proper job are well and truly forgotten now, I don’t have time……..

Thank you Alison for introducing us to your wonderful art and I wish you every success at the Trade Craft Fare in Harrogate in 2016.  If you  are interested in joining Alison on her workshop there are a few places still available, you can find the details here


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