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Tracy Yarnsmith

Welcome to my Sunday Guest Artist spot.  This week I want to introduce you to my wonderful friend of many years, Owner and Designer Tracy O’Brien, of  The Yarnsmith Studio.   She writes:

I am based near to Brighstone on the beautiful Isle of Wight, where I have lived since 2007. It truly is a magical place with inspiration and colour everywhere, provided you keep  your eyes open to all that nature provides. We all get caught up in the mundane, everyday things and sometimes forget to look around us, I am lucky in that my drive home from my day job provides some beautiful scenery and views.

Why Yarnsmith – well I am not entirely sure, but it seems to capture all that I do perfectly. I take yarns and threads in the Old English definition of the word Smith I ‘forge, fabricate and design’ with yarns.

I also love to take the everyday objects and give them a little quirk – such as my cactus pincushions.I love nature and find great inspiration from all its shapes and forms, I am currently working on a series of nature pieces which have evolved from the Seagull Study, more on these to follow later in the year.Cactus Yarnsmith

My day job is as owner of TAJ Crafts, which is a yarn and embroidery shop based at Holliers Farm, Branstone, near Sandown, it is on the same site as the House of Chilli. So I am surrounded by beautiful colour all day, and get to meet some amazing and talented people every day.

I teach crochet and knitting, covering a range of topics, more details to be found on the classes and workshops page above.

Whatever you do, happy crafting I look forward to welcoming you into the studio again soon.   =^.^=

Thank you so much Tracy for taking time out from your hectic creative life to write for me today.

Readers if you would like to know more about what Tracy is up to check out her blog.  You can sign up to receive lots of information about workshops and events that Tracy is involved with.

Have a fab Bank Holiday and thank you for checking in.


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