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Hexagon Madness

I have been bitten by a serious bug and I might not ever recover. I am living and breathing hexagons! I am making them! I am doodling them and I see them everywhere. The last time I made these little gems I was 19 and at the very start of my love affair with everything textile.

I sent off for a pack of pre-cut paper hexagons and They arrived a couple of days later. I could not wait to get started and had a rootle through my fabric stash with no real idea in my head as to what I might do with these hexagons once they have been made.


It wasn’t long until my production line was well on its way to producing loads of little hexi’s so I had to decide what to come up with. Some of the fabric was festive so I made some little mug Rugs to send to friends instead if a card. they are flat and light and Can be posted for the same price as a regular letter.

These are simply pieced and backed onto a piece of felt with machine stitch around the outside and stitching in the ditch through the middle.


I have now moved onto making larger projects using these little gems. I made a cushion using the same 1 1/2 inch hexi papers and vintage feel fabric on a natural linen background. Unlike the mug rugs, this piece uses piecing and appliqué to create a cushion top. Simply backed with a pillowcase closure this piece is lovely.


I have now started to use a larger hexagon paper and have created piece that is big enough to be a cot quilt but I also think it would make a Great Wall hanging!


This post ought to come with a health warning once you start english piecing, you will become instantly addictive !!


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