Embroidery · Quilting and Patchwork

Crazy Patchwork

So after another cup of coffee and a morning chatting about the whimsy that wanders in and out of our minds, I found myself saying yes to teaching another class for Vendulka’s shop.

This time I would be teaching a Crazy Patchwork class that also introduced students to hand embroidery stitches. We decided to run the class over 3 evenings with each session lasting 3 hours. After the class finished each student would go home with a lovely makeup bag.


The first session came around and I set the workroom up with a basket of scraps in the middle of the table. My students arrived, and after a little bit if theory we all dived in. After a lot of laughing and chatting it wasn’t long before pieces of beautiful and wildly different pieces of patched fabric started to take shape.


The second session came around fast and this time the table was full of wonderful threads, micro buttons and beads. It occurred to me that anyone who loves textiles is the human equivalent to a magpie. They love colour, texture, shiny beads and fabulous buttons! As soon as my students arrived they couldn’t wait it dive in!!

We started with some simple hand embroidery stitches and combinations. A quiet hush fell over the table as stitches were sewn and buttons and beads applied. I was amazed at how differently each student’s work was developing. They were all unique and lovely.




I didn’t finish the class off, Vendulka’s much better at putting in zips and making little bags look fabulous! Look at the wonderful work produced by my students. You will agree, each bag is unique and exquisite.






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