Image Therapy!

I have been thinking for some time that I should have a proper logo designed by someone who knows what they are doing!  I thought that my shop, Facebook page and Instagram accounts should all have the same look about them so that when people come across them or are searching for them they would realise that they are all the same studio.

Studio Logo

Meet Periwinkle Mouse, I think that he is a bit cheeky and looks like he is about to run off with that needle and thread!

Why a cheeky little boy mouse and not a pretty little girl mouse?

I have had a little crochet mouse on a shelf in my studio for a long time. He is definitely a cheeky boy and comes along to events as part of my stall set-up.  He has his own rocking chair next to his goldfish bowl, yes you read that right, Periwinkle has a goldfish bowl and His cactus to which he is very attached.  I love him and he always makes me smile, so I couldn’t have chosen anything else.

IMG_1279Thank you Michelle at Heartfelt Illustrations  for bringing my cheeky mouse to life. I had never done anything like this before and was worried that I didn’t really know what I wanted.  Michelle took me through the process step by step, explaining everything and tweaking things until we got the right image. Between us and within the space of a day, my Periwinkle Mouse logo was created.

I then thought that if I have a logo my main sites should also have a banner that ties them all to the same studio and to me.  I chatted to Michelle and she quickly created the lovely banners you can see on my  Periwinkle Embroidery Studio Facebook page and also on my  Periwinkle Studio Instagram Page.

I am so pleased with what she has created and feel that my little business now has a bigger presence on social media as a result.

I have also used my new logo to produce some cute pin badges that will be available at Open Studios and you never know could appear in a package if you choose to buy some of my work from my shop.

So now it is a bit cooler, I am going back to my studio to finish off the goodies I will have for sale at Open Studio on the 14th and 15th of July.  Go over to my Open Studio Event page  here to find out all of the details and if you want to share so that all of your friends know, that would be great too.

For those of you who can’t attend the event, join the Periwinkle Facebook page here for an online event I will be running after the Open Studio event closes!  Lots of goodies will be available, don’t miss out.

Enjoy the lovely weather, I hope to see you at Open Studios, or online at my Studio Page.

Best wishes

Su and Periwinkle Mouse








Open Studio 14th and 15th July 2018

Beaded S
Dorset Button Sunflower

The summer has finally arrived and the longer balmy days are here.  I love this time of the year.

The Open Studio is a chance for micro-artisans to show and sell their work to a large audience.  I have been part of this now for 5 years and greatly enjoy the event and of course the opportunity to sell my work to a wider audience than just on line.

My studio is very small and with the best will in the world only a few people can visit at one time, so I opt to join several other artisans and show at a venue.  This year I will be showing at The Quay Arts in Newport. This is a fantastic opportunity since it is the central art gallery on the island and has a lovely cafe and bar which attracts all sorts of people.

I am not going to be exhibiting alone, I will be alongside:

Jan Elliott – Textile Artist – her first Open Studio even Jan will be showing her lovely textile art.

Clare-Louise Sandell, Glass Maker  – Clare-Louise has a small studio where she creates the most beautiful and contempory glass that would grace anyone’s home.

Tracy O’Brien – Yarnsmith – Tracy creates beautiful things using the softest of yarns and the lovliest of knitted and crocheted stitches.

Pink Jen – Silversmith – Jenny’s work is sublime, she creates works of delight in Silver.

I am so looking forward to this years even, a new venue and lots of new work to share, sell and talk about and to meet up with friends and maybe meet a few new ones.